Ed Ambler Gardens

Who We Are

Company History

Ed started designing gardens as wedding presents for a couple of friends, when he was a full time fine artist with a passion for trees and gardens. He makes paintings and drawings to this day, whilst making beautiful gardens as a living, rather than just as presents. Having learnt the craft of drystone walling, Ed gained experience with local trades and craftsmen to expand on the drystone work adding a wealth of experience in all aspects of general landscaping.

Our Philosophy

A passion for making beautiful things has fueled Ed's work, whether making highly finished drawings and paintings, or gardens that add style and function to peoples homes. This passion means that Ed bring's an artist's eye to his work and an attention to detail and craftmanship that will make your garden your own work of art; one you will interact with, grow with and enjoy for life. Delivering quality work, beautifully realised, with flair and within budget is the keystone of our philosophy.

Our Skills & Expertise